About us

The Research Center for Human Functioning is a multidisciplinary network of experts from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. The Research Center approaches the human capacity for work and functioning, competence, wellbeing and health through research, service development and training. The Center cooperates with service providers, the public sector, the third sector and other educational organisations. Our vision is to make the people of Satakunta the best-functioning workforce in Finland.

Our area of expertise

The Research Center for Human Functioning is addressing two key challenges for the vitality of Satakunta: the shrinking labour force and the declining functioning of the population. As people live longer and fewer children are born, the relative size of the working-age population continues to decrease. This is leading to increasing competition for a skilled and prosperous workforce.

At the same time, the Finnish population's ability to work has been declining. According to the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and The Social Insurance Institution, the Finnish population's ability to function is deteriorating. Mental health problems, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, smoking and substance abuse, and common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases are all factors that impair working and functional capacity. Mental health problems are the most common cause of disability pensions. The population's ability to function is one of the main pillars of the economic and social sustainability of society.

The Research Center responds to this challenge with our three main areas for research:

  • Nutrition of the Working-age
  • Mental Health of the Working-age
  • Work and Education-based Immigration

The Research Center for Human Functioning addresses the challenge of labour shortage in Satakunta through research, education and development work. With a shrinking workforce, means must be found to help as many people of working age as possible to stay well and remain in employment. Prevention is key. We also need to enable international talent to come and stay in Satakunta.

The Research Center works closely with education and research organizations, the Wellbeing Services County of Satakunta, different businesses, and the third sector. The Research Center will serve Satakunta's business and industry by increasing its employees' well-being, ability to function, and talent availability. The Research Center will study the impact of nutrition and mental health on work performance and functional capacity, and the role of labour and education-based immigration is to ensure that international skills come and remain in the region. Inclusion, accessibility and well-being are cross-cutting themes in the research.

Ideas for co-operation? Contact:

Henna Kyhä

Henna Kyhä
Research Manager,
Head of Research Center for Human Functioning

+358 44 710 3134